So my wife wanted some Adirondack chairs for around the fire pit. No problem I thought, I can make them. Little did I know how much effort it would take!

I bought some plans from The plans contained cardboard templates, lumber requirments, and cut & assembly instructions. All in all it was a pretty good set of plans.

My original intention was to make cedar chairs, but quickly found that cedar was out of my budget. Instead I settled for clear pine, with the plan to finish with a clear poly coat.

The hardest part was cutting out the pieces. I only had a jigsaw. For the first chair I really didn't have a long enough blade so my cuts required more sanding to even things out. I got a longer blade for the second chair and the cuts where more even. It would have been a breeze with a band saw.

For the round-over I used a Trim Router Table, also from Rocker.  I clamped it to a board between two saw horse, and it worked great with my Dewalt 611 trim router.

I finished the chairs with 3 coats of Minwax water-based Helmsman Spar Urethane.  I'll probably add another coat or two before the season is done.

They turned out nice!

1st Chair
2nd Chair
Ready for the fire. I built that fire pit too!