So many cool technologies, so little time.

For the first half of 2015 I've worked to exponentially expand the software team I work on to over 100 people. This has brought of changes organizationally (another topic), and now requires that we make changed to our application architecture to allow such a large team to be productive.

The current application I work on is one monilithic beast. In order for it to scale, be performant, and allow for more developers to work on it, it needs to be broken into multiple processes. If only it was that easy.

The bureaucracy where I work is very thick, and getting the necessary infrastructure to develop a multi tiered application is numbingly difficult. Enter Docker.

I just listened to an James Turnbull interview on Software Engineering Radio, episode #217. He layed out nicely how my team could use Docker containers for developer resources. Check it out. It's good stuff.

Also check out the Michael Stonebraker interview, episode #199 if you want to know where database technology is going. Really insightful.